Science Backed Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are super awesome and those who have some of these indoor plants in their home and office spaces, they already know how beneficial plants are. Hospitals and offices are filled with plants so there must be some reasons why these spaces are occupied by green plants. Well, it is all because of their physical presence and natural healing properties. There are also many medicinal benefits and some magical properties as well of different indoor plants. Below, we have listed down some science backed benefits of indoor plants that are well documented and researched by scientists across the globe.

Plants Improve Air Quality

In many cities, pollution is on the next level and the air quality index is adversely affected with that. It is generally noticed that cities with more greenery and trees on the streets have comparatively much more fresh air and it is because of the fact that plants can easily kill toxic elements from the air and purify the air so that everyone around can breathe fresh air. This way, the more oxygen you get, the more your body will function efficiently.

Plants Improve Relationships

It is not a myth! The formula is simple as once you bring in indoor plants, you start caring for the plant as you have to provide them proper sunlight, proper water, and have to keep them away from harmful elements. This helps in feeling empathy for plants which leads to a sense of care and compassion for individuals in your life.

Plants Improve Mental Health

Plants are not just meant for extracting their juice to heal your external cuts and burns but their presence is sufficient to heal you mentally. Many scientists have reached the conclusion that individuals who live near plants and have greenery in their homes are more happy than others. The calming nature of plants will surely help you in calming down mentally.

Plants Improve Productivity

Ever wondered why it is a boring task while working in a room with four walls and a fan rotating on the ceiling? Well, research says that the more your office or home is decorated, the more dedicated you are towards your work. Plants add charm to the decor and bring in positive vibes around the confined space making it easier for people to work effectively.

Plants Boost Immune System

Apart from mental wellness, physical wellness is also benefited in the presence of plants. During the cold season, the plants give a necessary boost to the immune system and protect our body from many toxic elements and viruses. You won’t know that plants have any difference on your body but at the end of the season, you won’t catch any flu.

So, these were different science backed and well researched benefits of indoor plants. You can bring in different plants like Jade plant, Money plant, Snake plant, Spider plant, Areca palm, etc. to your home and can avail these benefits. Happy planting! Have a great day!