Outdoor Decorating Tips

It’s that time of year where you can enjoy the sunshine and soak up some Vitamin D. Before you upgrade your outdoor furniture, there are several practical and design elements to think about. Start by asking yourself: What are the main activities you would like to be doing in your outdoor living space. Are you wanting to update your furniture so you can entertain and host outdoor dinner parties for your friends or family? Or perhaps you’re wanting to transform this space into your own private oasis when you can sit and wind down from a busy week. Once you’ve established what vision you would like for your space factor in the location of your home. This dictates the type of furniture you should be buying. It’s important to have patio furniture that can survive the unpredictable weather conditions if left outside. Certain materials are more suited to different weather conditions than others. For example, if you’re living in an area that is exposed to high winds you will need to look for heavier furniture instead of lighter materials such as wicker that could get blown away leaving a trail of destruction in your back garden. Throughout this blog, we dive deeper into important factors you need to consider when updating your outdoor space.

Separate Your Space into Outdoor Rooms

Regardless of what shape your outdoor living space is, it’s important to divide the space into separate areas that are thoughtfully designed for your outdoor activities. Allocate one section of your space to become your outdoor dining area. Even if you have a smaller space it’s important to allocate an area for eating. If you’re unsure of what size and shape will suit the area, measure the space and take photos. When you’re visiting showrooms looking for an outdoor table, get an expert opinion and show the professional the photos and measurements you have taken. The more information the better!

Use Outdoor Rugs to Highlight Each Outdoor Area

Outdoor rugs are great outdoor access that is often not used enough. They create an element of surprise and complete the look of the area. It’s important when you’re looking for the rug that you’re choosing between rugs designed to be left outside. Outdoor rugs are far more durable than inside ones that are easy to clean. A little trick to maintaining your outdoor rug is to get the leaf blower out and use this once a week. For spills and messes use some gentle detergent with warm water and this should do the trick. If your area isn’t suited to an outdoor rug, you could paint your patio as an alternative option to bring some warmth and colour to your outdoor living space.

Create Shaded Areas

A key feature every outdoor space should include is a good quality patio umbrella. These are important to have if you’re entertaining outside or just wanting to relax and read a book in the shade outside. Not only do these provide excellent shade from the UV rays, they can add a stylish decor element. Selecting the right outdoor umbrella begins with choosing the right size for your space. Decide whether you would prefer a crank or push umbrella. Crank umbrellas can be easier to lower and raise the umbrella canopy, whereas a push umbrella requires a little more work to manually lock it into space. Check the colourfastness of the canopy material, and make sure it’s UV and water-resistant. There is a wide range of outdoor umbrellas available on the market. You can choose from a class style that blends into the area or purchase a playful cabana-inspired stripe to create a holiday vibe to your garden.

Bring Your Inside Colour Scheme Outside

To create a cohesive look throughout your home and garden use a similar colour scheme throughout both spaces. If the idea of decorating your outdoor space feels a little overwhelming start by picking two colours to start using. Keeping the colour palette to a minimum allows you to enjoy the process and decorate with confidence. If your space is looking a little flat, add different textures to create subtle features. Texture pillowcases and throws are an easy way to start.