Kitchen Layout ideas that you should avoid in your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling is considered an expensive venture because of expensive flooring, tiling, and cabinets along with appliance upgradation, all of which can quickly shoot up the cost. The kitchens portrayed in high-end luxurious properties do look nice but those designs are not suitable for a major chunk of the homeowners. Try to captivate yourself while making kitchen remodeling decisions and always prefer functionality over aesthetics. Here are a few kitchen layout ideas that you should avoid if you are doing a kitchen remodel in 2021.

Refrain from excessive open shelving

Open shelving looks accessible and is good for storing frequently used items. But they should not be preferred over regular shelves and cabinets by any means. Open shelving allows a lot of dust to settle on the items which make them lose their vibrance. They are more prone to falling while taking out a single item and also waste a lot of space while providing mostly aesthetic value. Try to keep open shelving confined to a specific area of the kitchen and prefer cabinets that can securely store your items and prevent them from tipping off.

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Crowded Kitchens

There is an appliance for everything, right from cooking dishes to washing them. But not every appliance needs to be incorporated into your freshly remodeled kitchen as it can result in overcrowding. Overcrowding is most common when homeowners force the contractor to stuff everything into the available space. The kitchen appears to be a one-man station but needs to have adequate space to move around and even accommodate working along with a few other members of the family. You also have to factor in the distance required to open the doors of large appliances such as dishwashers and large ovens along with the doors of the cabinets.

People love the idea of island-style kitchen space but that kitchen model is best suited for kitchen spaces that are wide enough. There are a lot of implementable designs besides the island-style kitchen that is equally functional and consume less space.

Overly Luxurious

While opting for kitchen remodeling, try to incorporate the best materials but never go overboard with luxury items such as expensive Italian countertops, electrical appliances, etc. An overly luxurious kitchen remodel will amaze your friends and family but it will not fetch you great resale value considering the amount of investment you put into it. Not every prospective buyer is looking for over-the-top kitchen designs with items and appliances that require frequent and high-profile maintenance. If you are thinking of still going with extremely luxurious kitchen elements, remember that it will have very little impact on the overall resale value of the house.