5 Important Things to Consider for Buying Good Quality Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture covers are important accessories to protect your outdoor furniture. Without a good cover, your patio furniture cushion and the surface may deteriorate faster. Summer and winter seasons may have the most adverse impacts on your patio furniture and spoil all your spending on it.

Just like any other home improvement measure, you need to make patio furniture covers also an important consideration. There are pros and cons of using furniture covers of various materials and designs. This article will discuss a few things you need to consider while buying good quality patio furniture covers.

5 Important Patio Furniture Cover Buying Tips

Proper Dimensions

The most important consideration to make while choosing the right covers for your precious furniture set is the size. Many people do not take the time and effort to measure their furniture dimensions and look for the best fitting covers. Sometimes, you may be getting manufacturer made covers, which may be fitting well on your patio furniture unit. But most of the time, for custom-made patio furniture, you need to have a clear understanding of its exact dimensions to get the best fitting cover.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

You may find almost all patio furniture cover manufacturers claiming their product to be waterproof, but sometimes these may only be capable of withstanding drizzle. So, you have to make sure that your patio furniture covers can withstand heavy rainfalls and intensive heat, especially if your furniture is exposed to these types of environmental elements. Make sure the cover is waterproof and fully weatherproof to withstand heat, snow, dust, moisture, and other harmful climatic conditions.


There are furniture covers that are made of breathable fabric materials. These will allow air circulation between the furniture surface and the surrounding environment. If the material is not breathable, there is a chance that moisture gets trapped inside the cover, and condensation will happen. This will damage the furniture surface soon. However, while considering breathable materials make sure that they will not allow water from outside to get in.

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Soft Inner Lining

It is important for outdoor furniture that the outer part of the cover needs to be sturdy and weatherproof. However, with no soft backing inside, there is a chance that the cover material may rub against the furniture surface and damage it. So, check out patio furniture covers with soft backing and act mildly on your furniture.

Proper Fixation

Ensure that your furniture covers have proper tie downs, Velcro, or zip closures to fit well in place on the furniture unit. Otherwise, the cover may be blown off during heavy winds and expose your furniture to harmful elements. Some furniture covers may be having strong ties which can be tied onto the furniture legs. You may also consider stretchable spandex material covers, which can slip onto your furniture and stay files on it due to its elastic nature.

Always keep these 5 things in mind while considering good quality patio furniture covers to protect your furniture well and make it last for long.